Are You Ready To Live Your Most Authentic Self?

Are You Ready To DIG DEEP?

Are You Ready To Activate Your INNER WARRIOR?

You’ve spent your whole life being strong, quick to recover, stuffing your feelings down…
But living that way has only brought you pain...

What if we can change the game?
What if life didn't have to BE a struggle?
What if you could easily walk in your truth?

You can’t just grind your way through life...
You can’t just survive...

You CAN have holistic fulfillment.

The thing that stops you from finding the ultimate truth are the stories you’ve been told and now tell yourself.
Those stories are not who you are.
You truly are a warrior. It’s time to learn how to bring this truth forth.

Welcome to...



A course designed to help you fully embody your inner warrior to find deep connections to your truth so that you feel fulfilled, experience true self-love, and a transformed perspective on your life and the world where you come from love instead of fear. 

Normally Priced $699 


Have you been giving life everything you have, every single ounce of strength you can find, but it’s just not working?

Are you grinding hard every single day, but getting nowhere?
You’re strong. Tough. 
You’ve got grit and power like nobody else. 
You should be getting to the next level in life, achieving things others can only dream of.

You are ready for:

  • Radical change and growth in your business - the kind that turns you into the next Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk
  • The time and ability to ACTUALLY enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build
  • Feel like you’re more than enough for yourself and your family

But getting there seems impossible.

A few years ago, I hit my absolute rock bottom.
I didn’t think I was going to make it out. 

It felt like I had two choices: just accept my life as it was, or continue to grind until I was completely exhausted, ignoring all of the deep inner work and healing I needed to be doing.

But I decided there was a third option. I looked up and saw everything my life could be… and I made a decision. I had been ignoring the truth: that I had a potential I wasn’t living up to. That the grind was nothing if I didn’t do the deep inner work first.

I was drinking way too much, living in my pain and sorrow from the passing of my dad and brother… and I was just barely getting by.

I was never in alignment with my empowered, highest self. It took laying in a pool of sweat, sorrow, and anxiety for me to realize that my life needed to change. Immediately and permanently. 

Until that day, it felt like everything I did was just plain wrong.

No matter what I did or how hard I tried, I could never do anything right. The choices I made seemed amazing at the time, but they only brought me further away from my goals, not closer. 

I was living life on EMPTY.

Every day was the same… mundane, boring, useless.

I’d had enough.

I made a promise to myself that day.

It was time to heal.

It was time to take accountability for myself and stop allowing society to prey on my traumas and insecurities. It was time to take my power BACK

I needed to learn to love myself first so that I could show up every single day with a full cup and be of service to the world.

I was ready to create the world I’d always known was possible, and it all STARTED WITH ME.

I’m able to unlock and embody the warrior within myself from the 1,000’s of hours spent extracting knowledge from these amazing minds...

“You’ve experienced a lot...and you’ve already learned it and got past it. You’re a deep soul for 37.” - Brad Lea from the Dropping Bombs Podcast

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I put myself into a university of my own making...

THE Warrior Embodiment Course

And now, I’m giving you the secrets and systems I used to completely change my life and become the warrior I am today.

It’s time to tap into your truth and call forth your inner Warrior so that you can experience your life through love, courage, and resilience. 

Purchase the Warrior Embodiment Course today for $47. (This is nothing compared to the massive, lifelong value you will get from this course.)

When you purchase the Warrior Embodiment Course, you receive automatic access to:

  • 6 self-guided modules on accountability, intentions, mindset transformation, diet shifts, healing your trauma, and creating your reality
  • 18 educational and motivation videos
  • 18 downloadable Action Guides
  • ​Private FB Group


  • FREE ticket to the next University of Adversity Summit

It's time...

To fill your cup up first.
To become comfortable with the uncomfortable.
To open yourself to the limitless possibilities of your future.
To transform into the whole, healed, powerful Warrior so that you can serve yourself and others at the Highest Level. 
You will find holistic fulfillment and an empowered perspective on what it means to really live.
Not for anyone else, but for yourself.

I’m going to take you through my signature process that allowed me to heal, find inner strength instead of searching for strength in others and outside of myself, and finally create the life I desired. 

This course will give you DAILY disciplines, meditations, and explanations on the science behind the routines we will be creating. This is not some vague process - these are the real, actionable steps I used to become the Highest Version of myself.

This is daily work. It’s hard. And the Warrior Embodiment Course provides you guidance and an accountability partner (me) to walk you through the entire process.

What Others Are Saying About Lance's Impact In Their Lives...


"If your looking to listen someone who is real authentic and gives you some powerful insights & experiences you apply to your life this...checks all the boxes. Incredible planet changing work Lance! Thank you"


Authentic Soul Nourishment

"Lance brings a heart centered presence along with a deeply curious mindset about all things personal development. I appreciate his authenticity and his willingness to dive deep into sensitive real world uncover insightful solutions and practical tools. Thanks Lance for shining your light and sharing your journey."


Insightful and Honest

"There is such a natural degree of honesty and Lance is on a similar journey as a lot of us....These kinds of experiences really help us grow and connect with others who are trying to impact the world."


Open. Truthful. Constant Progression.

" outstanding example of being “level-headed” and knowing what steps to take, even through the thickest of situations. There’s no ego here, it’s all really. The stories here are deep, and personal..."


You’ve been on the grind for years now, but it hasn’t brought you to where you need to be. 

If you don’t take the time to heal, learn, and grow, the grind will leave you with nothing. You’ll only be the grind.

Burnt out.

Where does that leave the people who count on you - your family, the people you are meant to serve, your spouse, the people you haven’t even met yet?

What happens to your legacy?

Your impact?

The best version of you?

...They’ll never exist. 

Stop saying you’ll “do it tomorrow”.
A thousand tomorrows have already come and gone… and you haven’t done it yet.

We tell ourselves that we’ll get healthy, start that side hustle, get serious about life someday. There are so many things that “need” to happen first, right? The money. The perfect timing. When we’re actually in control and can get ourselves together.

You’ve been saying that for years now. Why haven’t you made it happen?

You’re still unhappy. Unfulfilled. Settling for second best and “good enough”.

All of those things you’re waiting for require external validation and forces. The truth- you will never find empowered self-love from an external source.

It MUST come from within.

It’s time to stop settling and transform into your best self, living your best life.

If you’re ready to finally transform into the best version of you, the Warrior Embodiment Course is the course you need.

It’s time to deal with the hard shit and move past it. It’s time to dig out the ugly truths you’ve been spending so much energy keeping buried inside you, so that you can finally overcome them. That shit will no longer hold you back.

You just need to decide.

Your toxic habits and coping mechanisms don’t work. Decide to stop trying to FORCE them to work. 

Decide to stop grinding to the point of exhaustion just to end up in the same place you started - unhappy, unfulfilled, and unempowered. 

BELIEVE that you have what it takes.

Get ready to look at yourself in the mirror and truly love the person staring back at you.

Entrepreneur, coach, father, mother, CEO, mentor, leader -- THIS IS FOR YOU.

If you’re still wondering if the Warrior Embodiment Course is for you, let me ask you something…

What happens if you don’t take the first step toward change? What happens if your life remains exactly the same?
Do you life what you see? Will you be happy?

No. You won’t. The Warrior Embodiment Course is the first step toward your new life. It’s time to take it.

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