Are you struggling in life? 
Are you struggling in life? 
Can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong but you have a deep inner knowing that you have a greater purpose?
Can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong but you have a deep inner knowing that you have a greater purpose?
We all have a story, a past…
We can’t control what has happened to us, but we can control how we react.
It starts by unlocking the warrior within...
  • A warrior is a well-rounded human.
  • A warrior fully accepts the truth of who they are the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY...
  • A warrior is able to love themselves and others with an open heart.
We all have a warrior within us, but society has turned us into people who blame and search for external validation instead of facing their fears and unlocking their warrior.
Once you unlock your inner warrior, you will find complete ownership of your entire life.
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In order to get to where we are as a species today, we needed to unlock our inner warrior. But as we evolved into the society we exist in today, our trauma was preyed upon, our inner warriors pushed down and told that they were “too much,” “too honest,” “too truth-telling.” 

But all that has done is lead to an unhappy society composed of unfulfilled people. That is why unlocking your inner warrior is so important - you connect deeply with your roots and create a life of true fulfillment that draws on internal sources and NOT external validation. 

  • A morning and evening guide to start and end your day reflecting, preparing, and growing
  • ​An activity prompt each day to make small changes and build habits
  • ​Suggested podcasts and reading materials to anchor the habits and create long-term change

What is a warrior?

A warrior is courageous, brave, and resilient. A warrior is heart-centered.

A warrior is a truth-seeker - both within the world and within themselves.

A warrior is compassionate, empathetic, self-aware, loving, and understanding. 

They learn, not judge, but are ready to fight for justice and truth when needed.

You have the warrior within you already. All you need to do is unlock them.

I want you to experience the journey that I did (and continue to experience) - going from stuck and hopeless to EMPOWERED and FULLY ALIVE.

I want you to find a deeper YOU by unlocking your inner warrior.

And it all begins with your daily habits. Being aware of how you’re thinking, acting, and feeling on a daily basis will open you up to unlimited possibilities. Become a student of life in all of its forms.

These possibilities that are already inside of you! 

We’ll unlock them together…

Hi, I’m Lance Essihos, and in my darkest days, I made a promise to myself that I would create a new life, one that would make an impact and inspire the masses. I would leave the world in a better place than I found it.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi

When I first began this journey, I knew I wanted to empower others to live out their truth and live up to their fullest potential. That’s what this resource is all about…

Empowering you to know yourself, develop a deeper love for yourself, and to unlock the life you truly desire - today.

In order to walk the path you dream of, you must embody the person living that life. You must unlock that version of yourself.

You don’t have to wait. Your inner warrior can make this dream a reality TODAY.

What is it worth to you to understand your TRUE LIFE POTENTIAL?

When I was asked this question, I answered with a resounding, “EVERYTHING!
I hope your answer is the same…It’s worth everything to understand your true potential in this life.

You have so much inside you that the world needs to hear and see. But right now, you’re replaying the same story that has been causing you pain simply because it’s easier to reread the old chapters instead of writing new ones.

Let’s take a journey of healing and understanding together…

See you on the inside!

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Lance is a visionary who has experienced life through three very different lenses - as a hockey player, a bartender, and now an innovative entrepreneur.

As an experienced veteran with adversity, he has faced some of life's most difficult challenges.

Through his personal battle with drugs and alcohol over the years, career difficulties in hockey, and the tragic loss of his brother to suicide followed by the great loss of his father to cancer only a year later, Lance realized he had hit rock bottom.

In the darkest of days, he made a promise to himself that he would create a new life, one that would make an impact and inspire the masses, leaving the world in a better place than he found it. Lance has made it his mission to facilitate the message of positive change through adversity and encourage people to see the light through the darkness of life's worst moments.

He battled all of these adversities to come out walking his purpose path.

Now, he is the host of and creator of the increasingly popular podcast, "The University of Adversity", an innovative series that delivers inspiring stories of people who have overcome incredible adversity and gone forward to achieve limitless success. It’s one of the top-ranking podcasts on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, and more. It’s ranked in the Top 50 on iTunes Worldwide, and was named in the Top 5 on Entrepreneur’s Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020 list.

Lance has interviewed over 300 experts and inspirational people, and is committed to bringing his findings and these teachings to as many people as possible. These brilliant minds include leading experts in business, New York Times bestselling authors, pro athletes, celebrities, doctors, spiritual masters, and everyday heroes. These include some of the biggest names in business and spirituality: Grant Cardone, Jack Canfield, and Dean Graziosi, and more.

Lance is the Founder of Mic-Up Podcast Productions, an agency that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and aspiring podcasters leverage podcasting for their business objectives. He’s been mentored by Aubrey Marcus in the Fit for Service Fellowship Program.

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